CEDAW Alternative Report Workshop
Date: 14 October, 2008
Venue: Taiwan Women's Center

13:30 ~ 14:00Registration
14:00 ~ 14:50The Introduction of CEDAW Alternative Report

- Moderator:Ms. Wei-Ting Wu (Member, NGO-CSW Planning Committee)
- Speaker:Ms. Jackie Shapiro (Chairman, United Nations Committee for Zonta International)
14:50 ~ 15:40The Critical Points of The Reviewing Process

- Moderator:Ms. Bih-Jen Ho (Commissioner, Commission on Women’s Rights Promotion, Executive Yuan)
- Speaker:Ms. Linda Wong (Executive Director, Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women (ACSVAW))
15:40 ~ 16:00Break
16:00 ~ 16:50Examples of CEDAW Alternative Reports

- Moderator:Dr. Shang-Luan Yan (Professor, Department of Social Work, Shih Chien University)
- Speaker:Eva Richter (Permanent Representative, International Federation of Business and Professional Women to the United Nations)
16:50 ~ 17:30Q & A

- Moderator:Ms. Mei-Nu Yu (Commissioner, Commission on Women’s Rights Promotion, Executive Yuan)
- Discussants:Ms. Jackie Shapiro, Ms. Linda Wong,
Ms. Eva Richter, Ms. Wei-Ting Wu, Ms. Bih-Jen Ho,
Dr. Shang-Luan Yan
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