Reporting Cycle: 2018
Information from Secretariat
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Agenda 2018-06-28  
List of the Review Committee 2018-06-28  
List of issues
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List of issues and questions 2018-05-18  
Reply to LOIs 2018-06-28  
Parallel Reply to LOIs 2018-07-08  
State report
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State report 2018-03-21  
Common core document 2018-03-21  
Info from Civil Society Organizations
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Association for Taiwan Indigenous Peoples' Policies & LIMA Taiwan Indigenous Youth Working Group 2018-03-23  
Awakening Foundation, Intersex, Transgender and Transsexual People Care Association, Marriage Equality Coalition Taiwan, Mental Health Association, and 9 other organizations 2018-03-23  
Covenants Watch, Disabled Children's Rights Advocacy Alliance in Taiwan, Judicial Reform Foundation, Legal Aid Foundation, and 7 other organizations 2018-03-23  
Keelung City Wonderful Family Care Association & Next Generation Education and Family Care Association 2018-03-23  
Mental Health Association in Taiwan 2018-03-23  
Organization Intersex International-Chinese 2018-03-23  
R.O.C. Association of HIV/AIDS and Child Care & Taiwan Association of Gender/Sexuality Rights Protection 2018-03-23  
Tainan Fe-yain Development Association 2018-03-23  
Tainan Gender Equality Promotion Association 2018-03-23  
Taipei Twins Association 2018-03-23  
Taipei Women's Rescue Foundation 2018-03-23  
Taiwan Alliance of Anti-Forced Eviction & Working Poor Unite 2018-03-23  
Taiwan Association for Human Rights 2018-03-23  
Taiwan Coalition Against Violence 2018-03-23  
Taiwan Disabled Women's Alliance for Equal Rights 2018-03-23  
Taiwan LGBT Family Rights Advocacy 2018-03-23  
Taiwan Women and Children Rights, Benefit Association 2018-03-23  
The Garden of Hope Foundation 2018-03-23  
YWCA of Taiwan 2018-03-23  
Concluding Observations
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Conclusions and recommendations 2018-07-20  
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