Current Reporting Cycle
Information from Secretariat
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List of the Review Committee 2022-11-15  
State report
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State report 2022-07-18  
Common core document 2022-07-18  
List of issues
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List of issues and questions 2022-09-11  
Reply to LOIs 2022-10-21  
Parallel Reply to LOIs 2022-11-15  
NHRC’s Parallel Response to LOIs 2022-11-22  
Info from Civil Society Organizations
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Covenants Watch: 2022 Parallel Report on CEDAW 2022-06-20  
Chinese Association for the Development of Affective Education 2022-06-20  
Environmental Rights Foundation 2022-06-20  
Fourth Civil Society CEDAW Report: Joint Report on COVID-19 Pandemic Issues by 8 Organizations 2022-06-27  
The League For Persons With Disabilities 2022-06-20  
Mental Health Association in Taiwan 2022-06-20  
Modern Women's Foundation 2022-06-20  
National Alliance of Taiwan Women's Associations 2022-06-30  
Pro Femina Taiwan 2022-06-20  
Tainan Fei-yen Development Association 2022-06-30  
Taipei Twins Association 2022-06-20  
Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership 2022-06-30  
Taiwan Association for Sexuality Education 2022-06-20  
Taiwan Gender Equity Education Association 2022-06-30  
Taiwan Non Binary Queer Sluts Shadow Report on the Convention on the Elimination 2022-06-20  
Taipei Women's Rescue Foundation 2022-06-30  
Women In Digital Initiative 2022-06-29  
Info from National Human Right Institution
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Independent Opinion on Taiwan’s Fourth Report on the Implementation of CEDAW by the National Human Rights Commission 2022-06-30  
Concluding Observations
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Conclusions and Recommendations 2022-12-02  
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